Welcome to Denver Cooperative Divorce & Family Mediation LLC

Hello! Thank you for visiting Denver Cooperative Divorce & Family Mediation, LLC. My life’s calling is to help people who are caught up in disagreements of all kinds, while providing a calm and positive space to work through these conflicts.

My Mission

To serve Denver couples and families to mediate cooperative solutions in divorces, child custody and other family dispute situations…resulting in more peaceful lives.

A Guiding Principle:

What is in the best interest of the children?

When contested issues between spouses/parents linger, it is helpful to return to this question and view the issue from the perspective of the children in your life. Marriages end, but parenting is a lifelong endeavor. Your behavior and actions, both positive and negative, are constantly being observed by your kids.

I work with both parties to keep the focus of mediation on the present and future. Doing otherwise can become costly and time consuming. As a divorcing client stated, “This [mediation] was a successful experience…but we spent too much time hashing the past.” In mediation, we will also focus on putting both parties on an equitable footing as much as possible, in preparation for life after divorce.

Whether you are seeking assistance with an amicable divorce; or you’d like help to communicate better with your child; or your elderly parent now lives with you, and you’d like to create some guidelines for this new relationship, I can help you. I also work with couples who have already gone through a divorce, and need assistance with modifying current parenting plans, child support arrangements and the like.

Every situation, big or small, is an opportunity to learn how to communicate better. We negotiate with each other constantly — let’s work together to make those negotiations more satisfying for all involved! I look forward to working with you.


Workplace Disputes

I spent fifteen years working as a Human Resources Director, before returning to mediation full-time. Over this period, I mediated many workplace disputes involving employees + employees, employees + managers, managers + managers and even departments + departments. My conflict resolution and communications skills were used on a daily basis to ensure that everybody was able to work in a fair and enjoyable environment.

Pet-Related Disputes

My extensive knowledge about animals and pet owner behavior has come in handy during divorces, when couples need to work out who gets to keep the pet after divorce, or work out a sharing schedule for a pet they plan to split time with beyond the break-up. This background has also come in handy when mediating neighbor-neighbor disputes over barking dogs, damage to property involving pets, and even damage to a home that is on the market as part of a divorce. Sometimes realtors and home sellers need assistance with resolving issues like who is responsible for paying for or rectifying damage to carpets, flooring and walls from pet accidents.

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